Every April, bloggers from all over the world participate in the April A to Z blog challenge

I first took part in the #AtoZChallenge in 2016.  I took a break, but joined in again this April.

Below you can find links to all my posts for this challenge.

The theme of my challenge this year is my favourite book characters.

A is for Anne of Green Gables

B is for Black Beauty

C is for Charlie Bone

D is for Dylan from Framed

E is for Elizabeth Allen

F is for Fauntleroy

G is for Granny Weatherwax

H is for Heidi

I is for the Iron Man

J is for Jane Eyre

K is for What Katy Did

L is for Laura

M is for Maia

N is for Thursday Next

O is for Owain

P is for Pollyanna

Q is for Ramona Quimby

R is for Ratty

S is for Sally Lockhart

T is for Dido Twite  

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