Viking Voyager by Sverrir Sigurdsson #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT

This vivacious personal story captures the heart and soul of modern Iceland. Born in Reykjavik on the eve of the Second World War, Sverrir Sigurdsson watched Allied troops invade his country and turn it into a bulwark against Hitler’s advance toward North America. The country’s post-war transformation from an obscure, dirt-poor nation to a prosperousContinue reading “Viking Voyager by Sverrir Sigurdsson #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT”

The Lifeline by Deborah Swift #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlog

1942, Nazi-occupied Norway Schoolteacher Astrid Dahl has always kept out of trouble. But when she is told to teach the fascist Nazi curriculum, she refuses and starts a teacher’s rebellion, persuading eight thousand teachers to go on strike.  The Germans arrest her, and terrified of what punishment her trial might bring, she is forced toContinue reading “The Lifeline by Deborah Swift #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlog”

A Borrowed Past by Juliette Lawson #TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview

What would you do if you discovered your whole life was built on a lie? Escape into William’s journey of discovery, love and loss in the first book of the Seaton Carew Sagas series. A Borrowed Past is a historical saga for anyone who’s ever felt that they don’t belong. Growing up in a seasideContinue reading “A Borrowed Past by Juliette Lawson #TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview”

Death by Fountain by Jennifer S Alderson #TuesdayBookBlog Travel Can be Murder:5

Rome—the city of churches, marble, … and murder? For one American tourist, a famous fountain will become her final resting place. Wedding bells are ringing, and Lana Hansen could not be happier! Wanderlust Tours guide Randy Wright and his Italian girlfriend are tying the knot in Tuscany, right after he and Lana finish leading aContinue reading “Death by Fountain by Jennifer S Alderson #TuesdayBookBlog Travel Can be Murder:5”

Writedown: Lockdown in the Galloway Glens at the Time of Covid #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT

I came to this book wondering if these writers would have shared my experiences of Spring 2020 and they did. They speak as Everyman expressing our shared responses to unprecedented times. Through diary entries from March 23rd until June 15th we are reminded of the day lockdown began, of the shortages in the supermarkets, theContinue reading “Writedown: Lockdown in the Galloway Glens at the Time of Covid #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT”

The House in the Hollow by Allie Cresswell #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease #BlogTour

The Talbots are wealthy. But their wealth is from ‘trade’. With neither ancient lineage nor title, they struggle for entrance into elite Regency society. Finally, aided by an impecunious viscount, they gain access to the drawing rooms of England’s most illustrious houses. Once established in le bon ton, Mrs Talbot intends her daughter Jocelyn toContinue reading “The House in the Hollow by Allie Cresswell #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease #BlogTour”