#AtoZChallenge : G is for Granny Weatherwax #TerryPratchett

I have long been a fan of Terry Pratchett, but my particular favourites are the books about the Guards, Death and the witches. If you’ve not read his books I wouldn’t recommend starting with “The Colour of Magic,” his first Discworld book. Try “Wyrd Sisters,” and meet the indomitable Granny Weatherwax.


The best way to describe Granny Weatherwax is to list a few quotes from the books:-

  • It was one of the few sorrows of Granny Weatherwax’s life that, despite all her efforts, she’d arrived at the peak of her career with a complexion like a rosy apple and all her teeth.  No amount of charms could persuade a wart to take root on her handsome if slightly equine features, and vast intakes of sugar only served to give her boundless energy.
  • She was aware that somewhere under her complicated strata of vests and petticoats there was some skin, that didn’t mean to say she approved of it.
  • Granny’s implicit belief that everything should get out of her way extended to other witches, very tall trees and, on occasion, mountains.
  • Granny Weatherwax was like the prow of a ship. Seas parted when she turned up.


‘If you can’t learn to ride an elephant, you can at least learn to ride a horse.’

‘What’s an elephant?’

‘A kind of badger,’ said Granny.  She hadn’t maintained forest-credibility for forty years by ever admitting ignorance


  • Looking into Granny’s eyes was like looking into a mirror. What you saw looking back at you was yourself and there was no hiding-place.
  • ​At home Granny Weatherwax slept with open windows and an unlocked door, secure in the knowledge that the Ramtops’ various creatures of the night would rather eat their own ears than break in.
  • She was a good witch.  That was her role in life.  That was the burden she had to bear.  Good and Evil were quite superfluous when you’d grown up with a highly developed sense of Right and Wrong.


When all hope was gone, you called for Granny Weatherwax, because she was the best.

And she always came.  Always.

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16 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge : G is for Granny Weatherwax #TerryPratchett

  1. Pratchett is one of those authors I keep saying I’m going to read but never seem to get around to.


  2. I’ve read several Terry Pratchett books, specifically the Tiffany Aching series and that’s where I was introduced to Granny Weatherwax. All his characters are unique and amusing but Granny is in a league of her own 😀


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