High Wire in Nuala by Harriet Steel #BookReview

Much to the delight of the locals, a colourful Russian circus rolls into Nuala, but the fun ends abruptly when, on the opening night, a tragic accident takes place. Shanti de Silva and his wife, Jane are among the crowd to witness the accident. Or was it an accident? Inspector de Silva senses murder, andContinue reading “High Wire in Nuala by Harriet Steel #BookReview”

The Memory by Judith Barrow #BookReview

I wait by the bed. I move into her line of vision and it’s as though we’re watching one another, my mother and me; two women – trapped. Today has been a long time coming. Irene sits at her mother’s side waiting for the right moment, for the point at which she will know sheContinue reading “The Memory by Judith Barrow #BookReview”

The House in the Hollow by Allie Cresswell #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease #BlogTour

The Talbots are wealthy. But their wealth is from ‘trade’. With neither ancient lineage nor title, they struggle for entrance into elite Regency society. Finally, aided by an impecunious viscount, they gain access to the drawing rooms of England’s most illustrious houses. Once established in le bon ton, Mrs Talbot intends her daughter Jocelyn toContinue reading “The House in the Hollow by Allie Cresswell #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease #BlogTour”

The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey #BookReview

1925. The war is over and a new generation is coming of age, keen to put the trauma of the previous one behind them. Selina Lennox is a Bright Young Thing whose life is dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure; to parties and drinking and staying just the right side of scandal. Lawrence Weston isContinue reading “The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey #BookReview”

Burke in the Peninsula (James Burke, spy Book 4) by Tom Williams #FridayReads #RBRT

Things getting a bit messy in Spain. Lots of irregulars. Civilians joining in the fighting. That sort of thing. Wellesley needs all the help he can get. They need a man who can pass for a Spaniard. Someone who can make himself useful with the irregulars. Someone who is prepared to fight dirty if itContinue reading “Burke in the Peninsula (James Burke, spy Book 4) by Tom Williams #FridayReads #RBRT”

Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook by Celia Rees #BookReview

Celia Rees is familiar as an author to me from the days when I shared some of her YA books with my Year 6 book club. Books like Truth or Dare and Witch Child addressed prejudice and tragedy but also friendship and frankness so I had great expectations of this her first adult book. EnidContinue reading “Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook by Celia Rees #BookReview”