#AtoZChallenge : E is for Elizabeth Allen, the Naughtiest Girl in the School


I have fond memories of choosing Enid Blyton’s book in the small library of my new school when I was 8. It tells the story of rich. privileged, Elizabeth Allen, who has never been to school but she is so rude and difficult her governess quits so her parents send her to boarding school. To punish them for sending her away, Elizabeth is determined to be the naughtiest girl in the school and thus be expelled as quickly as possible.

Whyteleafe School is an unusual school for the 1940s because it is co-educational and most of the discipline is managed by the Head Boy and Girl and the school council. The pupils are independent and responsible which softens Elizabeth’s attitude. This is her first experience of school and she is, at heart, a kind generous girl.  Longing for friends she learns her lesson and turns over a new leaf.  There are many amusing scenes and all the best ingredients of a school story, so this set me seeking out other school stories.

Of course it especially appealed to me that the naughtiest girl was called Elizabeth, like me!

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