The Storm (The Lady of the Pier 3) by Effrosyni Moschoudi #BookReview

Two worlds. One haunting. One love that won’t let go.

When Sofia falls in love, a mourning spirit begins to haunt her… The Storm is the concluding part of the trilogy that merges the stories of Sofia and Laura into one. Now, redemption seems finally possible…

Sofia does her best to get over Danny, but The Lady won’t leave her in peace. The spirit guides her to meet more people who knew Laura, and now begins to haunt Danny as well. What will happen when he wears Christian’s scarf? And who is the third person being haunted, and why?

Laura is relieved to hear about Christian’s narrow escape from Dunkirk, despite his serious injury. Things at home are as harrowing as ever, but she holds on to a glimmer of hope. When he discovers an old secret, Christian returns to Brighton. Will the old sweethearts find happiness at last or will Charles never allow it?

My Review

This is the third of the trilogy of The Lady of the Pier following The Ebb and The Flow. In 1988 Sofia is still a student in Brighton, haunted by dreams of the Lady. The reader realises that this is Laura, whose story we are also following in 1940. Sofia tells her room mate Annika that in her dream she had seen a man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes, “the colour and intensity of cold steel.”

Trying to forget Danny for whom she has such fond memories of their time together in Corfu. she has mixed feelings about the appearance of Jeff, another suitor for her attentions. Realising that she is not ready to “move on,” from Danny she tries to help him with his mental problems.

Laura receives welcome news of her first love, Christian, but she remains trapped in a loveless marriage to Charles, who having avoided being called up in to military service, has become a black marketeer. Her friends do their best to ease her burden.

As Sofia helps Danny to face trauma from his youth, Laura begins to see the possibility of future happiness but when Danny also becomes haunted by the life of The Lady, life becomes very complicated.

This is an unusual dual time story of romance and reincarnation. It can only be read after the previous books in the trilogy and comes to a dramatic conclusion.

The Storm on Amazon UK

My Review of The Ebb the first book in the trilogy.


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