The Ebb(The Lady of the Pier trilogy~1) by Effrosyni Moschoudi #BookReview

Two girls, two different worlds, one mysterious connection and a love that won’t let go.

Sofia is a good girl, always following the rules of her over-protective family. But this is about to change…

Greece 1987: Sofia Aspioti, a young student, arrives on the idyllic island of Corfu for her annual summer break. Because of her strict upbringing, Sofia is discontented with her life. Her parents expect her to be the model daughter, so she keeps her heart locked away, avoiding boys, to keep herself out of trouble.

When she falls in love with Danny, a charming British tourist, he shows her a fun side of life she becomes addicted to. Now, for the first time, Sofia dares to go against her family’s strict rules, and to follow her heart.  Just as life becomes the sweetest it’s ever been, strange dreams about a woman dressed in black begin to haunt her…

England 1937: Laura Mayfield arrives in Brighton with her ailing mother, her heart full of dreams of wealth and happiness. Life seems kind to her, offering her the chance to perform as the leading star of a musical at the West Pier theatre. But then, an arrogant aristocrat becomes besotted with her, claiming her from Christian, her loving boyfriend. Her new fan’s relentless pursuit repels her, but then Christian makes a grave mistake that causes their love to be put to the ultimate test…

My Review

This sensitively told dual time novel is about two young women 50 years apart. In 1987 Sofia is visiting her grandparents in Corfu. Struggling against her parents’ strict upbringing she relaxes in the loving comfort her grandparents give her. So far immune to romance, this summer a madcap young man from England touches her heart, but will she ever see Danny again when he returns to Brighton. In parallel chapters, set in 1937, we meet Laura moving down from London to the seaside for the sake of her mother’s health. She is lucky to find helpful, kind locals and starts working in a local theatre. She too meets a cheeky young man and soon she and Christian are a couple. Only her ambition and wish for the finer things in life threatens to come between them.  When she is given the opportunity to sing in a successful show their relationship may be doomed.

I felt that I knew and understood each young women and hope for a happy conclusion to their relationships, but I was unsure what linked them except for Brighton. Towards the end of the book, Sofia has disturbing dreams of a woman in black looking out to sea and here may be the clue leading into the next book, The Flow. I would love to have discovered more of Sofia’s family secrets and followed her further into the future, but I must be patient and read the next book!

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My review of My Corfu Love Story by Effrosyni Moschoudi


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4 thoughts on “The Ebb(The Lady of the Pier trilogy~1) by Effrosyni Moschoudi #BookReview

  1. What a fabulous review! Thank you, Liz. It’s wonderful to hear you’ve enjoyed The Ebb, and I am more than happy to send you the next book in the series. I’ll email you asap. Again, thank you 🙂


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