A Borrowed Past by Juliette Lawson #TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview

What would you do if you discovered your whole life was built on a lie?

Escape into William’s journey of discovery, love and loss in the first book of the Seaton Carew Sagas series. A Borrowed Past is a historical saga for anyone who’s ever felt that they don’t belong.

Growing up in a seaside village in the late Victorian era, William Harper has had a privileged childhood, with a loving mother and a successful but strict father. At 14, he is about to start work at his father’s office, but his real desire is to paint. When he discovers that his parents have been lying to him about his background he decides to run away, choosing York as his destination.

As soon as he arrives there everything goes wrong, all his money is stolen, he has to sleep on the streets and when he tries to steal a bread roll, he is caught. But he has the luck to meet Sarah and her daughter, Tinny who give him work and a place to stay. Later he is able to take up painting again and he decides to look for information on his origins. But his success in selling his paintings and his past catching up with him actually draw William into more family secrets as he also battles with affairs of the heart.

A complex story of tragedy and untrustworthy people is enhanced by the likeable character of William and the kindness of his real friends. The setting of the north eastern coastal towns adds context and maritime interest. This eventful novel is difficult to put down, ending with a perfect conclusion.

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