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It’s been two years since Claudia arrived on the beautifully rugged Cornish coast with nothing but a suitcase to her name. She’d walked out on the husband who had never loved her, ditched the corporate job she’d never wanted and vowed that no gym membership card would come within ten feet of her ever again.

Swapping boardrooms and cocktails for a little shop right at the end of the beach road should have been a bit of a shock. But from the moment she first laid eyes on the empty, run-down store, Claudia knew this was where she was meant to be all along.

After all that upheaval, Claudia was looking forward to a quiet summer, full of the usual holiday makers and long walks along the clifftops. But life in her patch of paradise is about to change in more ways than one. Enter recently widowed Jason, dragging his sullen teenage daughter Millie in tow. Millie and Claudia immediately hit it off. And while Millie loves everything about Claudia’s free-spirited way of life, practical architect Jason is less than thrilled about his daughter’s new interests. He doesn’t shy away from telling Claudia exactly what he thinks and sparks fly every time they meet.

But as circumstances throw Claudia into Jason’s path in increasingly unexpected ways, she begins to glimpse what lies beneath his fiery temper and sharp tongue. Claudia was sure her new life was perfect in every way. But was there something missing after all?

My Review

You only have to hear the title to know that The Little Shop in Cornwall would be the perfect beach read, but this year most of us will have been reading it as an escape from lockdown at home. I have been reading Helen Pollard’s realistic romances for 5 years now, so I was looking forward to this novel.  Although I empathise with Claudia’s move from corporate working life and a loveless marriage, I am not sure I would be able to make such a dramatic change in lifestyle. She appears to be a strong woman who has made a success of her interests in crystals and meditation with her shop and she now has like-minded friends.

Jason would be the last person to add to her circle, but his teenage daughter, Millie, desperately needs a mentor as she settles into her new home after the death of her mother. Jason tries his best to be a good father but makes all the usual mistakes and blames Claudia for making things worse.  Despite their clashes there is an obvious chemistry between the couple. When her business is attacked, Claudia reveals her vulnerability and Jason steps in to help.  But sometimes his “White Knight” act goes too far, and they are at daggers drawn again.

There is a mystery to be solved and interesting characters to meet, including a delightful cat called Pudding. rounding out this intriguing romance perfectly. I can recommend this novel for curling up with on a dark Autumn evening, dreaming of future seaside holidays.

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