The Blitz Bus by Glen Blackwell #RBRT #BookReview

Emmie let out a huge sob – “It’s not a film set”, she cried. She held onto Jack for a moment, then took a step back, closed her eyes and shouted – “WHERE AM I?” When Jack and Emmie suddenly find themselves transported back to London in 1940, they find a world both familiar, yetContinue reading “The Blitz Bus by Glen Blackwell #RBRT #BookReview”

The Occupation by Deborah Swift #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease

1940, Jersey When Nazi forces occupy Jersey in the English Channel Islands, Céline Huber, who is married to a German, must decide where her loyalty lies. Love for her island, and fear for her Jewish friend Rachel, soon propel her into a dangerous double life. Meanwhile, Céline’s husband Fred is conscripted into the Wehrmacht inContinue reading “The Occupation by Deborah Swift #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease”

The Long Journey Home by Wendy Robertson #BookReview

The arrival of the Japanese army in 1942 marked the end of colonial life in Singapore.  The pre-war round of parties, games of tennis and servants, disappeared overnight as the British women and children attempted to escape by ship, while their menfolk were unable to defend the island and were quickly imprisoned in Changi jail. Continue reading “The Long Journey Home by Wendy Robertson #BookReview”

Island in the East by Jenny Ashcroft #FridayReads #BookReview

This is a book of two stories 44 years apart, both telling of romance and tragedy on the island of Singapore.  In 1941, Ivy Harcourt, a brave young servicewoman, arriving in Singapore a year before the Japanese invasion, meets Kit, the love of her life, but she discovers that her grandmother Mae has been keepingContinue reading “Island in the East by Jenny Ashcroft #FridayReads #BookReview”