Fame and Fortune by Carol Hedges #RBRT #TheVictorianDetectives

A shaft of dust-laden sunshine lights up the planes of her small cat-like face with its pale hair and sea-green eyes that catch and hold the light. Once more I have explored the sordid streets of mid-Victorian London to follow the investigations of the determined team of police detectives, Stride, Cully and Greig. Carol HedgesContinue reading “Fame and Fortune by Carol Hedges #RBRT #TheVictorianDetectives”

Intrigue & Infamy (The Victorian Detectives Book 7) by Carol Hedges #NewRelease #BookReview #RBRT

Book Description It is 1866, the end of a long hot summer in Victorian London, and the inhabitants are seething with discontent. Much of it is aimed at the foreign population living in the city. So when a well-reputed Jewish tailoring business is set aflame, and the body of the owner is discovered inside, DetectiveContinue reading “Intrigue & Infamy (The Victorian Detectives Book 7) by Carol Hedges #NewRelease #BookReview #RBRT”

No Stone Unturned (The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries Book 1) by Pam Lecky #BookReview

A suspicious death, stolen gems and an unclaimed reward: who will be the victor in a deadly game of cat and mouse? It is winter in 1886. Lucy Lawrence sits in her comfortable home in St John’s Wood with only Horace the cat as a companion. As so often, her husband Charlie is away.  TheirContinue reading “No Stone Unturned (The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries Book 1) by Pam Lecky #BookReview”

S is for Sally Lockhart #AtoZChallenge #MondayBlogs

Although I read the three books of Philip Pullmans’ “His Dark Materials” with great enjoyment, there is something about the Sally Lockhart mysteries which appealed to me more, and that is mainly Sally herself.       In the first book The Ruby in the Smoke, Sally is a pretty sixteen year old orphan. Her father hasContinue reading “S is for Sally Lockhart #AtoZChallenge #MondayBlogs”

The Bridge of Dead Things by Michael Gallagher #FridayReads #BookReview

This Young Adult book is the first story about 13 year-old Lizzie Blaylock, the involuntary Medium. Set in late Victorian London, Lizzie has been fortunate in receiving an education despite the poverty of her family. But this ceases, when a strange fit in the classroom causes teacher, Miss Smutts to expel her. Miss Smutts’ motivesContinue reading “The Bridge of Dead Things by Michael Gallagher #FridayReads #BookReview”

Fear and Phantoms by Carol Hedges #NewRelease #RBRT #BookReview

I always look forward to another volume in Carol Hedges’ Victorian mystery series.  Once again, she has created an effective picture of the grime and poverty of 1860s London, filled with vivid characters, good, evil, peculiar and captivating.  In Fear & Phantoms, we face the very real horror of murder and fraud as well asContinue reading “Fear and Phantoms by Carol Hedges #NewRelease #RBRT #BookReview”

The Pierced Heart by Lynn Shepherd #BookReview

The Pierced Heart continues the story of Lynn Shepherd’s flawed detective Charlie Maddox. Regretting his behaviour towards servant girl, Molly, he is haunted by her in his dreams which are not abated by a mission to Austria, where he finds himself in a strange castle deep in the Austrian countryside. As the plot progresses theContinue reading “The Pierced Heart by Lynn Shepherd #BookReview”

Death and Dominion by Carol Hedges

This sensational novel has everything; passion, mystery, love, disappointment and humour.  A devastatingly handsome man, Mr Mark Hawksley, who is not all he seems, impresses all he encounters, from the no-nonsense northern factory owner, Mr Bulstrode, to the russet haired, penniless lady’s companion, Belinda Kite, just arrived in London and hungry for all it offers.Continue reading “Death and Dominion by Carol Hedges”

Honour and Obey by Carol Hedges

Do you want to find yourself walking the streets of Victorian London on a night of “relentless rain” seeing people hurrying back to their semi-detached villas and tiny hovels, a place where evil and kindness stand side by side?   Then this is the book for you. “Honour and Obey” is packed with richly drawn charactersContinue reading “Honour and Obey by Carol Hedges”