The Blitz Bus by Glen Blackwell #RBRT #BookReview

Emmie let out a huge sob – “It’s not a film set”, she cried. She held onto Jack for a moment, then took a step back, closed her eyes and shouted – “WHERE AM I?” When Jack and Emmie suddenly find themselves transported back to London in 1940, they find a world both familiar, yetContinue reading “The Blitz Bus by Glen Blackwell #RBRT #BookReview”

Following up on #FridayFiveChallenge

I haven’t managed to choose a new Friday Five Challenge this week but I am reporting back on two challenge books I found in August and have finally read. I bought A Stitch in Time by Amanda James because the travelling back in time appealed to me.  I would like to travel back in timeContinue reading “Following up on #FridayFiveChallenge”


Welcome to my Friday Five Challenge (Original idea from Rosie Amber at To join in read the rules at the bottom. Last week I searched for books about Time Management.  This week I looked in fiction using the word Time.  Immediately I came across a list of the obvious cliches.  After Time and Time Again by BenContinue reading “#FridayFiveChallenge”