Full Circle by Terry Tyler

“Full Circle” is the sequel to Terry Tyler’s “Dream On”, following the lives of a group of friends from East Anglia who dreamed of making it big in the music world.  But “Full Circle” can be read as a stand-alone novel as the background story of the main characters is incorporated seamlessly into the text.Continue reading “Full Circle by Terry Tyler”

What It Takes by Terry Tyler

Terry Tyler’s writing is unique.  She writes about real people with the sort of problems that many of us have, in such a straightforward way that you feel you are in that town, part of that relationship, wanting to shake that silly girl or punch that arrogant prat!  And she does it with such witContinue reading “What It Takes by Terry Tyler”

Last Child by Terry Tyler

After the tremendous success of Terry Tyler’s, “Kings and Queens,” set in recent times but based on the Tudor court of Henry VIII, its follow up, “Last Child,” was a treat I was looking forward to. And it doesn’t disappoint. At the beginning of the novel we find orphaned Isabella, Erin and Jasper, the modernContinue reading “Last Child by Terry Tyler”

Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler

Despite having already discovered that Terry Tyler is an excellent novelist I had a slight resistance to reading “Kings and Queens.” The idea of a contemporary parallel to the life of Tudor King Henry VIII was superb, but could it be achieved without too much awkwardly contrived plotting? Yes! All the significant players in theContinue reading “Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler”