Goddess of the Rainbow by Patrick Brigham #FridayReads #BookReview

  Goddess of the Rainbow gives, in 16 chapters, the interconnected stories of the community of a small town in Northern Greece when constant rain threatens imminent flooding.  The goddess of the title takes the form of Iris, a DHL courier, who like her namesake is a messenger.  The other inhabitants of Orestiada include anContinue reading “Goddess of the Rainbow by Patrick Brigham #FridayReads #BookReview”

Patient Zero: Short stories from the Project Renova series by Terry Tyler #NewRelease

The short stories in Patient Zero are part of Terry Tyler’s Project Renova series.  They add to the two books “Tipping Point” and “Lindisfarne” but they can successfully be read without knowledge of, or before reading one or both of the novels.   A deadly virus, nicknamed Bat Fever has appeared in 2024.  Despite vaccinationContinue reading “Patient Zero: Short stories from the Project Renova series by Terry Tyler #NewRelease”

Silent Night by Wendy Clarke #RBRT #BookReview #Christmas

  As a teenager I loved staying with my Gran in Scotland so that I could read her People’s Friend Annual.  The stories had a feel-good theme which made me look forward to being one of the young women in the tales.  A few years ago, my mother was passing on copies of the magazineContinue reading “Silent Night by Wendy Clarke #RBRT #BookReview #Christmas”

Manipulated Lives by H A Leuschel #TuesdayBookBlog

Sometimes a book’s title and cover can deter you from opening the first page. You suspect it will be rewarding but you are worried that the experience might be distressing. But opening Manipulated Lives gives instant gratification. From the first paragraph of the first novella “The Narcissist” I was involved with the feelings of theContinue reading “Manipulated Lives by H A Leuschel #TuesdayBookBlog”