The Code for Killing by William Savage #RBRT

  The Code for Killing opens on a damp miserable day in 18th century Norfolk, where young Dr Adam Bascom is in a foul mood.  Fed up with traipsing through the muddy tracks to visit cantankerous wealthy patients, who are reluctant to pay his bills, he is in need of a change and perhaps someContinue reading “The Code for Killing by William Savage #RBRT”

An Unlamented Death by William Savage

Entering into An Unlamented Death is like stepping into an 18th century drawing room.  The environment is civilised and calm and its hero Adam Bascom uses his intelligence and deductive powers to solve the mystery of, “An Inconvenient Corpse.”  A young, country doctor, Adam is establishing himself as a respectable and trustworthy member of theContinue reading “An Unlamented Death by William Savage”


Welcome to my Friday Five Challenge (Original idea from Rosie Amber at To join in with the #FridayFiveChallenge please read the rules at the bottom of the page Yesterday I received an email of suggested books to purchase on an historical theme.  The picture on the book below appealed to me as well asContinue reading “#FridayFiveChallenge”


Welcome to my Friday Five Challenge (Original idea from Rosie Amber at To join in read the rules at the bottom. This week I searched for a book using the word East.  This brought up books using East End or East Anglia in their titles and of course East of Eden by John Steinbeck,Continue reading “#FridayFiveChallenge”

Danger at Thatcham Hall by Frances Evesham

Olivia Martin, impetuous 19 year old heroine of “Danger at Thatcham Hall” shares many characteristics with Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett.  She is forthright and courageous and too intelligent to fall in love with every handsome young man she meets. Early in the first chapter, Olivia finds herself marooned in the alien world of “the Countryside”Continue reading “Danger at Thatcham Hall by Frances Evesham”

Friday Five Challenge

Rosie Amber has set a really intriguing challenge which tests out the importance (or not) of an eye-catching or appealing cover  The Friday Five Challenge My Friday Five Challenge is this….. IN ONLY FIVE MINUTES…. 1) Go to any online book supplier, 2) Randomly choose a category, 3) Speed through the book covers, choose oneContinue reading “Friday Five Challenge”