Wonders and Wickedness (The Victorian Detectives Book 5) by Carol Hedges

Here, you will indeed find Wonders in alchemy, seances, and on stage, but there is also Wickedness; murder, blackmail and deceit. It is 1864 and the railways have already caused a fatal accident. A brand new department store has opened but the window display contains an extra body which shocks everyone. Thankfully Detective Inspector StrifeContinue reading “Wonders and Wickedness (The Victorian Detectives Book 5) by Carol Hedges”

Bamboo Heart by Ann Bennett #BookReview

Bamboo Heart has been waiting on my Kindle for a little while. I loved Bamboo Island and I found Bamboo Road really moving but I was worried that this, the first book of the Bamboo Trilogy might be very upsetting. Indeed, the Prologue takes us straight to a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp in 1943,Continue reading “Bamboo Heart by Ann Bennett #BookReview”

Tipping Point by Terry Tyler #BookReview #NewRelease

How would we cope if all social media disappeared followed by Google and the whole internet, if family and friends fell ill and died and public utilities ceased to function? “Only Twitter, the domain of conspiracy theorists, anarchists, artists and writers clung on.” I have always enjoyed Terry Tyler’s character driven contemporary stories about realisticContinue reading “Tipping Point by Terry Tyler #BookReview #NewRelease”

The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews #amreading #BookReview

  Here is a classic tale of love lost and ensuing misfortune. Paralleling the situation in the tale of Beauty and the Beast, the heroine, Sylvia Stafford finds herself in a stately manor house where the Earl of Radcliffe, badly injured in the Indian rebellion, hides himself away from society so no-one can see hisContinue reading “The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews #amreading #BookReview”