Family photos from the Past #PastSquares

Last October I featured my great grandfather as a young man in the Metropolitan Police Force in the early 1860s. Here he is as Chief Constable of Kings Lynn during the 1890s. And this was his son my great uncle as a Royal Dragoon in 1895 And on Becky’s Life of B today for herContinue reading “Family photos from the Past #PastSquares”

The Sinclair Betrayal: A Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery by M J Lee #TuesdayBookBlog #Review

Jayne Sinclair is back and this time she’s investigating her own family history. For years, Jayne has avoided researching the past of her own family. There are just too many secrets she would prefer to stay hidden. Then she is forced to face up to the biggest secret of all; her father is still alive.Continue reading “The Sinclair Betrayal: A Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery by M J Lee #TuesdayBookBlog #Review”

Friday Five Challenge

Welcome to my Friday Five Challenge (Original idea from Rosie Amber at To join in read the rules at the bottom. Today I searched for a book under the topic of Surrey.  In the books category I was offered a very dull selection of travel and history books which looked as though they hadContinue reading “Friday Five Challenge”

The Hour Before Dawn By Sara MacDonald

The Hour Before Dawn is the story of two generations which is told in the details of traumatic events in 1976 and the present day.  Unusually there are two heroines in this novel, Fleur Montrose and her estranged daughter Nikki.  The two women have been torn apart by a mysterious tragedy in Malaysia when NikkiContinue reading “The Hour Before Dawn By Sara MacDonald”