Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery Book 7)

Several years ago, I read the first three books in Steve Robinson’s mystery series about American genealogist Jefferson Tayte.  Now I have taken up the seventh story in which Jefferson travels to Scotland to help client, Damian Sinclair, break through the brick wall concealing the identity of his four times great grandfather.  But this isContinue reading “Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery Book 7)”

An Unconventional Officer by Lynn Bryant #BookReview

A story of love and war in Wellington’s army  In 1802 Europe is going back to war, General Arthur Wellesley is commanding troops in India and the officers and men of the 110th infantry are about to get the shock of their lives as a new officer arrives in barracks. Paul van Daan is young,Continue reading “An Unconventional Officer by Lynn Bryant #BookReview”