Silent Water by Jan Ruth

  The Wild Water series includes everything I desire for a perfect read.  It describes contemporary life in all its complexities; love, passion, family connections, humour and tragedy.  After the changes in family circumstances brought about by the blossoming romance between Jack Redman and his childhood sweetheart, Anna, when they reconnect in Wild Water, theContinue reading “Silent Water by Jan Ruth”

The Joker by Georgia Rose

This short story is a welcome return to Melton Manor for loyal readers of The Grayson Trilogy but it is also a stand-alone story and a delicious taster for anyone tempted to read A Single Step. Will Carlton, one of the characters from the trilogy, now reveals his innermost thoughts. We knew he was charmingContinue reading “The Joker by Georgia Rose”

In the Greater Scheme of Things by Heather MacQuarrie

In the Greater Scheme of Things is the second book in Heather MacQuarrie’s trilogy, a family saga full of secrets, but it can be read as a stand-alone contemporary romance.   In a surprising first chapter, the heroine introduces her newly created persona of Francine Martin, a French girl who speaks perfect English, but weContinue reading “In the Greater Scheme of Things by Heather MacQuarrie”

#AtoZChallenge Letter G

The theme of my challenge is poetry and books inspired by art and/or art inspired by literature.   is for The Goldfinch  “The Goldfinch” painted by Carel Fabritius in 1654 is a realistic picture of a bird chained to its perch.  It is normally exhibited in The Hague.  This tiny painting with its broad brushstrokes wasContinue reading “#AtoZChallenge Letter G”