The Cunning Woman’s Cup by Sue Hewitt

In The Cunning Woman’s Cup, echoes from long ago reverberate in the lives of a small community in Northumberland.  The tragic life of Mordwand of the Brigantes is briefly told in episodes at the beginning of each chapter.  Events from her life impinge into the modern day lives of the other characters in the narrative and helpContinue reading “The Cunning Woman’s Cup by Sue Hewitt”

Silver Rain by Jan Ruth

I knew on opening Silver Rain that I would be engaged by a complex family drama set in the beautiful countryside of North Wales but I hadn’t expected to have so much empathy with the two main characters Al and Kate. Kate is a warm-hearted, mature woman with flame red hair, trying to release herselfContinue reading “Silver Rain by Jan Ruth”

Danger at Thatcham Hall by Frances Evesham

Olivia Martin, impetuous 19 year old heroine of “Danger at Thatcham Hall” shares many characteristics with Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett.  She is forthright and courageous and too intelligent to fall in love with every handsome young man she meets. Early in the first chapter, Olivia finds herself marooned in the alien world of “the Countryside”Continue reading “Danger at Thatcham Hall by Frances Evesham”