Being a Beta Reader & receiving ARCs #FridayReads #AmReading

I’m feeling like a real book reviewer this week as I’m a Beta reader for non-fiction author, Barbara J Starmans’ first fiction book. Barbara is responsible for the fascinating Social Historian website and she is now writing a novel based on the story of her great-grandmother. I’ve also received 2 ARC books.  The first, beingContinue reading “Being a Beta Reader & receiving ARCs #FridayReads #AmReading”

You Wish By Terry Tyler #Bookreview

You Wish begins with an alarming prologue where a dramatic drugs raid takes place, but immediately afterwards in Chapter One we find ourselves in the warm relaxing surroundings of a Mind, Body and Spirit Fair in Norfolk. It is a book of contrasts between the hopes and yearnings of several young women and what mightContinue reading “You Wish By Terry Tyler #Bookreview”

A Most Reluctant Princess by Jean M Cogdell

This is a simple, pleasing story in rhyme about a small girl, whose father calls her his little princess, which is illustrated with cute drawings of a no-nonsense child. Quite logically, as children often are, she believes that she can’t be a princess because Daddy isn’t a king, so what can she be? She thinksContinue reading “A Most Reluctant Princess by Jean M Cogdell”

#AtoZChallenge Letter Z

is for Zuleika Dobson   I read Zuleika Dobson by Max Beerbohm about 40 years ago.  It is an ironic satire on the life of undergraduates at Oxford University in 1911.  Into their lives comes the stunningly beautiful Zuleika.  All the young men fall in love with this femme fatale, but she resists all their charms,Continue reading “#AtoZChallenge Letter Z”

Smoke and Gold by Pauline Suett Barbieri

Did Count St Germain, a European courtier and brilliant alchemist die in 1784 or had he discovered the secret to eternal life? In 1967 a Parisian, named Richard Chanfray appeared on TV apparently changing lead to gold and claiming to be Count St Germain. This mysterious figure weaves in and out of the life ofContinue reading “Smoke and Gold by Pauline Suett Barbieri”

When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory

Here is a book which takes us back to the Wild West we used to see in old movies, where men are tough and uncouth and women are there for their pleasure.  Into this setting comes Lily Wright, running away from abuse and tragedy, looking for a new life in a boomtown during the goldContinue reading “When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory”