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2014 was a special year for me. I had started my social history blog and I was a busy volunteer setting up an exhibition in our local Workhouse on its time as a World War One Hospital. We had bought a holiday home in Portugal and travelled to and fro, several times during the year.  I was also an avid reader and liked to follow authors and book bloggers on Twitter for new books to read.  And that was how I found Rosie Amber.

When she challenged some of her followers to review one of the books submitted to her, I couldn’t resist. I believe the book I chose was The Red Canvas Chair, an intriguing American crime thriller by N A Granger. When Rosie then invited some of us to join her team and review many other books of our choice from novels submitted to her, I was thrilled to be included.  Soon I was writing more book reviews than history posts, so I decided it was time to set up my own book blog Lost in a Good Book

Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team receives a wide range of submitted genres, including young adult, fantasy, historical, romance, steam punk, mystery etc.  Not all of the books appeal to me but often I will challenge myself to try a new type of book and frequently discover an exciting new novelist to follow.  Of the 14 books Rosie is featuring this week I have read and enjoyed 8 of them.  In addition, I have to mention other favourites: –

Crazy Amy

Rose Edmunds Crazy Amy series of corporate espionage

Reluctant Detective

Christine Campbell’s Reluctant Detective series set in Scotland


Mimi Matthews spirited historical romances


Passionate Travellers by Trish Nicholson, incredible journeys throughout history


The Cunning Woman’s Cup an amazing story by Sue Hewitt

Book Reviews

#Lockdown Neighbourhood WhatsApp group

One of the good features of this horrific time is local camaraderie and help for each other.  We moved to our cul-de-sac 23 years ago and, as many of the original residents are still here, the majority are over 60. But there are also four young families.  Three weeks ago one of the young mothers put a note through each door suggesting we join in a WhatsApp group to help each other. It was a popular idea and soon there were offers to fetch shopping or requests to collect prescriptions. We shared information about ordering vegetable plants and compost to be delivered by a local garden centre and of a nearby pub/restaurant providing fruit and salad boxes with optional dairy or meat products.

But this group has turned into social media. All day long there are chats about donations of enormous cardboard boxes and photos of the castles and cars the toddlers (and their parents) have made with the boxes. The photos of empty shelves in the local supermarket have thankfully stopped. My first good deed had been to share a few toilet rolls!

We have had no victims of the virus, as yet, in our 17 houses but there has been sadness when a lovely lady in her 70s who has the most beautiful garden has had to move into a care home due to advancing dementia. At this point her husband found it difficult to cope on his own so reluctantly their sons decided he too should move into a home, but unfortunately a different one.  We also had great joy two days ago when one of our community gave birth to healthy twin boys! We were happy to see a photo.  Today has included messages about hidden Easter eggs for the children on their doorsteps and a violin concert in the middle of the road by our resident Music teacher.

Last night there was great amusement when my nearest neighbour asked if anyone had a tin of condensed milk. After a search I found a tin but had to admit that it had expired in 2015. Luckily another neighbour found one from 2019 which was thought safer! Now we are having a competition to see who can find the most out of date food item. If my mother was still alive, she would definitely have won.

The Blogger Recognition Award -a chance to share blogs with my followers #Thankful


I am very thankful to be nominated by Mary Smith of MarySmithsPlace for the Blogger Recognition Award as it gives me the opportunity to mention some of the wonderful blogs which are worthwhile following.

This has probably been my least productive year as a blogger for several reasons. Exactly a year ago I was recalled after my mammogram for a biopsy followed by a lumpectomy in January and radiotherapy in April.  I cannot praise the NHS enough for their kindness and efficiency.  They treated me like an adult, keeping me fully informed and the whole experience was actually spiritually life-enhancing.  I was able to recuperate with long stays in the beautiful Algarve and I have spent a great deal of time with my grandchildren.  This meant that although I read many books, finding time for the reviews was limited, but I kept Lost in a Good Book going even if my other blog Lost in the Past turned into a photo album.

How My Blog Started:

In 2014 Rosie Amber invited other bloggers to participate reviewing one book each on her wonderful review site.  As this was successful she asked if we would like to carry on selecting titles from her list. I jumped at the chance, initially posting my reviews on my history/nostalgia site before deciding to begin this book blog site. My usual posts are reviews which I also put on Amazon and Goodreads but occasionally I participate in book launches or collect books on themes. I particularly enjoyed Interviews with a Book Character and intend to return to this theme.

Two pieces of advice to new bloggers

  1. Although you need to proofread each blog post, don’t keep perfecting it. Your readers will welcome your next post.
  2. Interact with your readers in post blog messages and on Twitter. You will then have more followers and more friends.

Bloggers I have chosen to nominate for the Blogger Recognition Award

Terry Tyler for her encouragement of other authors on

Carol Hedges who blogs about her books, her life as a Grandma and tips for writers

Mimi Matthews for her wonderful costume and art blog

 Ruth Daly for her amazing photography

Becky B for showing me the birds and beautiful countryside of the Algarve

Johanna Bradley for her Monday Walks and Six Word Saturday

Lynn Heiden for her amazing research into old photographs to discover family trees and reunite the photos she has found with their owners

The Renaissance Gardener for a fascinating blog about making a garden in south west France.

There are several other bloggers I would include who have already been selected by others.

If you wish to participate, which of course you have no need to do at this busy time, these are the specifications!

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select up to fifteen bloggers you want to give this award to.
6. Comment (or pingback) on each blog to let them know that you’ve nominated them and provide a link to the post you’ve created.