Rosie’s Book Review Team ~ 6 years old #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT

2014 was a special year for me. I had started my social history blog and I was a busy volunteer setting up an exhibition in our local Workhouse on its time as a World War One Hospital. We had bought a holiday home in Portugal and travelled to and fro, several times during the year.Continue reading “Rosie’s Book Review Team ~ 6 years old #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT”

#Lockdown Neighbourhood WhatsApp group

One of the good features of this horrific time is local camaraderie and help for each other.  We moved to our cul-de-sac 23 years ago and, as many of the original residents are still here, the majority are over 60. But there are also four young families.  Three weeks ago one of the young mothersContinue reading “#Lockdown Neighbourhood WhatsApp group”

The Blogger Recognition Award -a chance to share blogs with my followers #Thankful

I am very thankful to be nominated by Mary Smith of MarySmithsPlace for the Blogger Recognition Award as it gives me the opportunity to mention some of the wonderful blogs which are worthwhile following. This has probably been my least productive year as a blogger for several reasons. Exactly a year ago I was recalledContinue reading “The Blogger Recognition Award -a chance to share blogs with my followers #Thankful”