An Interview with Lottie from “Tipping Point” by Terry Tyler #Project Renova

Today is the first post in a new series, interviewing characters from books I have reviewed on my blog.  I am proud to begin with a conversation with one of my favourite book characters, Lottie from Terry Tyler’s Project Renova Trilogy. Lottie Keating was sixteen at the time of the viral outbreak in July 2024.Continue reading “An Interview with Lottie from “Tipping Point” by Terry Tyler #Project Renova”

A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

A God in ruins is a slow boiler. It tells the story of Teddy, a beloved son and brother whose comfortable life changed so dramatically when the second world war began. Moving back and forth through his life, we see him as a gentle, loving grandfather, a much-respected pilot and a dutiful husband. But itContinue reading “A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson”

My Life in Books (1917 Edition)

Here’s a bit of Christmas fun courtesy of Roof Beam Reader The rule is, complete the phrase with books you read this year: At school I was the: Oath Breaker (Shelley Wilson) People might be surprised by my: Past Encounters (Davina Blake) I will never be: Down and Out in Kathmandu (Jennifer S Alderson) MyContinue reading “My Life in Books (1917 Edition)”

This Week in Books #WWWblogs

Today I am borrowing the idea of Lipsyy Lost and Found to share my current reading. I recently finished Away for Christmas by Jan Ruth which you can pre-order for delivery in a week’s time. I will be reviewing this seasonal book very soon. I have just started to read an unusual, inviting book by DavidContinue reading “This Week in Books #WWWblogs”