The Runaway Sisters by Ann Bennett #dualtime #historicalnovel

The story of two sisters fighting to survive in the darkest days of World War Two. A heartbreaking tale of resilience and bravery, about having the courage to sacrifice yourself in order to save the ones you love… Devon, present day: Helen Cavendish’s relationship with her mother has always been strained. Her mother is quietContinue reading “The Runaway Sisters by Ann Bennett #dualtime #historicalnovel”

The Lake Palace by Ann Bennett #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlogs

India, 1944: Iris Walker, daughter of the British Political Agent in the princely state of Ranipur, is a volunteer nurse, caring for soldiers wounded fighting the Japanese on the border with Burma. One evening the maharajah invites Iris and her parents to a dinner at the Lake Palace, where she meets the enigmatic Edward Stark,Continue reading “The Lake Palace by Ann Bennett #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlogs”

The Amulet by Ann Bennett #NewRelease

I was thrilled to hear that one of my favourite authors has written another novel set in the East. A heart-breaking novel of love and loss set in WW2 Singapore My Review This time-slip novel, set in Singapore, moves between the experiences of Lara in 2000 and those of her Malay grandmother, Suria, during theContinue reading “The Amulet by Ann Bennett #NewRelease”

The Tea Planter’s Club by Ann Bennett #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlog

From award-winning author Ann Bennett, comes a heart-breaking story of love and loss set in World War 2 Burma. In 1980, Edith Mayhew, proprietor of the Tea Planter’s Club in Calcutta, is preparing to sell up after years of decline. She thinks back to 1942 when her sister Betty vanished having fled over the mountainsContinue reading “The Tea Planter’s Club by Ann Bennett #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlog”