Bamboo Road by Ann Bennett #Bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog

  This third book in Ann Bennett’s Bamboo Trilogy complements the earlier books but can be read on its own.  It tells the story of Sirinya, a young Thai girl who, with her family, helped some of the prisoners building the Burma railway during the Second World War.  We meet Sirinya when she returns toContinue reading “Bamboo Road by Ann Bennett #Bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog”

The Spyglass Files by Nathan Dylan Godwin #Bookreview

A few years ago I read the first of Nathan Dylan Godwin’s Forensic Genealogist series. This is the fourth volume and, in my view, the best. Morton Farrier is a professional genealogist whose investigations into past events often lead him into trouble in the present. As he approaches the date of his wedding to JulietteContinue reading “The Spyglass Files by Nathan Dylan Godwin #Bookreview”

Codename Lazarus: The Spy who came back from the dead by A P Martin #bookreview

Codename Lazarus takes us first to Germany in the mid-1930s as Hitler and the Nazis rise to power. We see the unpleasant changes through the eyes of John King, an English academic, whose friends include a Jewish family, the Bernsteins and a young German, Joachim Brandt, who has decided to join the SS. Moving toContinue reading “Codename Lazarus: The Spy who came back from the dead by A P Martin #bookreview”

War Crimes For The Home by Liz Jensen #TuesdayBookBlog

`You know what they say about GIs and English girls’ knickers,’ ran the wartime joke, `One Yank and they’re off.’ When Gloria met Ron, he was an American pilot who thought nothing of getting hit by shrapnel in the cockpit. She was working in a munitions factory in Bristol during the Blitz, but still foundContinue reading “War Crimes For The Home by Liz Jensen #TuesdayBookBlog”