Tipping Point by Terry Tyler #BookReview #NewRelease

How would we cope if all social media disappeared followed by Google and the whole internet, if family and friends fell ill and died and public utilities ceased to function? “Only Twitter, the domain of conspiracy theorists, anarchists, artists and writers clung on.” I have always enjoyed Terry Tyler’s character driven contemporary stories about realisticContinue reading “Tipping Point by Terry Tyler #BookReview #NewRelease”

The Pierced Heart by Lynn Shepherd #BookReview

The Pierced Heart continues the story of Lynn Shepherd’s flawed detective Charlie Maddox. Regretting his behaviour towards servant girl, Molly, he is haunted by her in his dreams which are not abated by a mission to Austria, where he finds himself in a strange castle deep in the Austrian countryside. As the plot progresses theContinue reading “The Pierced Heart by Lynn Shepherd #BookReview”

Messandrierre: Murder in rural France by Angela Wren #TuesdayBookBlog

The First Jacques Forêt Mystery Jacques Forêt, an intelligent, considerate policeman, is vegetating in the small French village of Messandrierre, after leaving the challenging environment of Paris, so he is concerned when his unpleasant commander, Fournier, tells him to ignore the unexplained disappearance of three young adults, last seen nearby.  He is determined to continue hisContinue reading “Messandrierre: Murder in rural France by Angela Wren #TuesdayBookBlog”

Voyager by Carl Rackman #Bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog

This style of novel is not my usual choice of genre but it’s always good to try entering a new environment and adapt to a faster paced narrative. And I am really glad I chose Carl Rackman’s second book. From the Prologue when Brad talks to his fiancé by phone as she tries to escapeContinue reading “Voyager by Carl Rackman #Bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog”