Restitution by Rose Edmunds #NewRelease #Bookreview

It is exhilarating to meet “Crazy Amy” once more, trying to pick up her life again by using her financial and legal expertise to help 83-year-old George stake his claim to a valuable Picasso painting, recently rediscovered.  Believing that it belonged to his Art collector father before he was murdered in 1939, George travels toContinue reading “Restitution by Rose Edmunds #NewRelease #Bookreview”

An interview with Patsy from the “Wild Water” series by Jan Ruth

This week I am interviewing  a book character from the Wild Water series, whom we love to hate. My conversation is with Jack Redman’s beautiful wife Patsy.  Even after she cheated on him, she remains a significant part of his life as the mother of his children. Patsy, you seemed to have everything when you were married to Jack;Continue reading “An interview with Patsy from the “Wild Water” series by Jan Ruth”

An Interview with Lottie from “Tipping Point” by Terry Tyler #Project Renova

Today is the first post in a new series, interviewing characters from books I have reviewed on my blog.  I am proud to begin with a conversation with one of my favourite book characters, Lottie from Terry Tyler’s Project Renova Trilogy. Lottie Keating was sixteen at the time of the viral outbreak in July 2024.Continue reading “An Interview with Lottie from “Tipping Point” by Terry Tyler #Project Renova”

Jonah by Carl Rackman #fridayreads #bookreview

When a U boat is spotted floating on the surface of the Atlantic in 1940 by a British destroyer, the remaining German crew accuse one of their shipmates of being a Jonah.  Why then, in the Pacific in 1945, do the same events seem to be recurring on US Navy destroyer Brownlee?   The protagonistContinue reading “Jonah by Carl Rackman #fridayreads #bookreview”