Madam Tulip by David Ahern

Derry O’Donnell is a fully qualified, out of work actress who lives in Dublin.  Her father, Jacko, is a charming artist, fond of gambling, while her mother, Vanessa, is an assertive, successful Gallery owner in New York.   Derry’s friend, Bella, suggests that Derry uses her psychic talents, as the daughter of a seventh sonContinue reading “Madam Tulip by David Ahern”

Agatha Raisin #amreading

You may have recently seen the beginning of a series on Sky 1 about Agatha Raisin.  I first discovered Agatha, hiding in the crime and mystery shelves in my local library.  Finding that the books about her were written by the author of Hamish MacBeth, I knew I would have to try one of M CContinue reading “Agatha Raisin #amreading”

Murder on the Tor by Frances Evesham

  Murder on the Tor is the third of Frances Evesham’s Exham-on-sea mysteries.   Once again Libby Forest’s life is interrupted by a crime on her doorstep.  While walking Bear, the Carpathian sheepdog, for her friend Max, she finds herself lost in the mist on Glastonbury Tor.  Briefly she meets a little girl and then sheContinue reading “Murder on the Tor by Frances Evesham”

The Sans Pareil Mystery by Karen Charlton

I read this 19th century detective story without realising that it was the second investigation in Regency London for Detective Lavender and Constable Woods, but this was no handicap.  Although Stephen Lavender is reserved, we slowly learn of his sad past, his new budding romance and his renowned detective abilities.  Assisted by dependable Ned Woods,Continue reading “The Sans Pareil Mystery by Karen Charlton”