The Winter That made us by Kate Field #FridayReads #Book Review

It is so exciting finding a new author – someone whose books you will look forward to, who will not disappoint, and that is how I feel about Kate Field. The Winter That Made Us is an apt title, describing what happened to two broken souls thrown together against their will in the village of Ribblemill. Continue reading “The Winter That made us by Kate Field #FridayReads #Book Review”

Ghost Variations by Jessica Duchen #Bookreview

Set in 1930s Britain and strongly based on real events, Ghost Variations is resonant with attitudes and feelings relevant to us now. Jessica Ducheny tells the story of renowned violinist Jelly d’Aranyl towards the end of her career. At 42, she feels the need for a new purpose which is partly fulfilled by a seriesContinue reading “Ghost Variations by Jessica Duchen #Bookreview”