The Chess Men (Lewis Chronicle 3) by Peter May #TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview

“The shadow of a massive rock rose up ahead of him, and he felt his way around it to the leeward side where he was briefly out of the wind. He pressed himself back against the sheer face of this giant slab and stood there gasping for breath. He had never in his life feltContinue reading “The Chess Men (Lewis Chronicle 3) by Peter May #TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview”

One by Jennifer L Cahill #FridayReads #RBRT

  “One” is a light hearted, easy read, set in 2005. The first of a trilogy, this retro contemporary novel will remind you of the simpler life of work, friends and relationships in the “noughties.” Focused on Penelope, a 28-year-old investment banker, we share her search for a significant relationship while maintaining a high-powered jobContinue reading “One by Jennifer L Cahill #FridayReads #RBRT”

The Black House (Lewis Trilogy #1) by Peter May #FridayReads

I have recently discovered the delights of Tartan Noir and more specifically the mystery of unexplained deaths on the sparse vegetation of the windswept northern Isles. In The Black House the preface shows us the body of an unpleasant murder victim hanging on the island of Lewis. DI Fin MacLeod is sent over from EdinburghContinue reading “The Black House (Lewis Trilogy #1) by Peter May #FridayReads”

The Hollow Heart: Love will find a way by Adrienne Vaughan #BookReview

The Heartfelt Series Book 1 This heartrending mystery thriller is the story of Marianne Coltrane a feisty, award-winning journalist who uncovers a devastating travesty of justice involving the sale of babies by the church in Ireland. Fighting her corner in the male-dominated world of newspapers she witnesses a terrorist attack that changes how she thinksContinue reading “The Hollow Heart: Love will find a way by Adrienne Vaughan #BookReview”