#AtoZChallenge : F is for Fauntleroy

My early years of reading were well supplied by the public library in Mitcham, Surrey. There I found so many wonderful books and my favourite author was Frances Hodgson Burnett. The book which captivated me was The Little Princess, but I didn’t connect with The Secret Garden so much. However I was really intrigued by Burnett’s first novel Little LordContinue reading “#AtoZChallenge : F is for Fauntleroy”

#AtoZChallenge Letter C

The theme of my challenge is poetry and books inspired by art and/or art inspired by literature.  is for Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland. He inspired Sir John Tenniel, the political cartoonist of Punch magazine to illustrate the first Alice and also Through the Looking-Glass, creating 92 images altogether.  The pictures were engravedContinue reading “#AtoZChallenge Letter C”