Aurelia by Alison Morton

  Aurelia is the fourth book in Alison Morton’s Roma Nova series. Set in an alternative historical context, the Roman Empire survives as a matriarchal society in a semi-mountainous area north of Italy. This is the only book I have read in this series so far, but it features a different character to those usedContinue reading “Aurelia by Alison Morton”

Midnight Sky by Jan Ruth

If any book can convert me into a horse lover it will be this one. I am still frightened of horses but I now have an idea of the empathy experienced by some people with special horses. Midnight Sky has a magical quality but she is a damaged horse, desperately in need of a sensitiveContinue reading “Midnight Sky by Jan Ruth”

Smoke and Gold by Pauline Suett Barbieri

Did Count St Germain, a European courtier and brilliant alchemist die in 1784 or had he discovered the secret to eternal life? In 1967 a Parisian, named Richard Chanfray appeared on TV apparently changing lead to gold and claiming to be Count St Germain. This mysterious figure weaves in and out of the life ofContinue reading “Smoke and Gold by Pauline Suett Barbieri”

The Code for Killing by William Savage #RBRT

  The Code for Killing opens on a damp miserable day in 18th century Norfolk, where young Dr Adam Bascom is in a foul mood.  Fed up with traipsing through the muddy tracks to visit cantankerous wealthy patients, who are reluctant to pay his bills, he is in need of a change and perhaps someContinue reading “The Code for Killing by William Savage #RBRT”