The Joker by Georgia Rose

This short story is a welcome return to Melton Manor for loyal readers of The Grayson Trilogy but it is also a stand-alone story and a delicious taster for anyone tempted to read A Single Step. Will Carlton, one of the characters from the trilogy, now reveals his innermost thoughts. We knew he was charmingContinue reading “The Joker by Georgia Rose”

In the Greater Scheme of Things by Heather MacQuarrie

In the Greater Scheme of Things is the second book in Heather MacQuarrie’s trilogy, a family saga full of secrets, but it can be read as a stand-alone contemporary romance.   In a surprising first chapter, the heroine introduces her newly created persona of Francine Martin, a French girl who speaks perfect English, but weContinue reading “In the Greater Scheme of Things by Heather MacQuarrie”

Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders by Angela Buckley

We cannot help being fascinated by true life crimes and how they are solved.  This sensational tale has been thoroughly researched and told in an easily read style which gives us a realistic picture of late 19th century life.   Unmarried mothers at that time, not only suffered deep shame but would also lose theirContinue reading “Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders by Angela Buckley”

The Final Virus by Carol Hedges

  This dystopian Young adult novel is set in a bland, pleasant, boring town where a group of intelligent teenagers are “educated” at a school which aims to make them amenable to the World Presidential dictatorship.  Following a cybercrash, global warming, natural disasters and disease, continents had disappeared and the world’s population vastly depleted.  Continue reading “The Final Virus by Carol Hedges”