Dark Highland Skies by Lizzie Lamb #NewRelease #Romance

Astrophysicist Halley Dunbar has spent her career searching for the one-in-a-billion exoplanet outside our solar system capable of sustaining life. Required to travel to Lochaber, Scotland to arrange her great-uncle’s funeral, she leaves the world she knows behind and encounters people who make her realise there’s more to life than searching for something that might not exist.

Laird’s son, Tor Strachan rocks up, and she discovers the one man capable of making her happy. However, there are obstacles in the way, and it becomes clear that Afghan veteran Tor must confront his demons before he can be the man Halley deserves. As for Halley, she has secrets of her own; ones she can’t share with anyone – not even Tor.

My Review

The best thing about Lizzie Lamb’s Scottish romances are the strong characters featured. In Dark Highland Skies, successful astrophysicist Halley Dunbar travels from her home in Hawaii to arrange her Great-Uncle Tam’s funeral in Scotland. Once, she spent every summer staying in his Lochside bothy but when she was 18 a disastrous event there prevented her returning until 20 years later. Now it is too late to make amends and explain herself to her much loved Uncle.

As soon as she arrives there is an explosive encounter between Halley and Tor Strachan, the Laird’s son. Despite his good looks, she has no love for his family, and she resents they way the Strachan family intend to pay for the funeral. Tor is a complex man, a highly skilled army officer he is recovering from a severe injury in Afghanistan and is trying to deal with PTSD. Halley is relieved to meet her old friend Rowan, who has taken over her father’s business as funeral director and soon Halley is also friendly with Tor’s younger sister, Lexie, an affectionate, impulsive girl who explains the background to Tor’s experience.

The story includes detailed descriptions of the Strachan castle and the beautiful beach next to the bothy. There is a feeling of unease conveyed by thefts and unusual activity on the loch but as Halley spends more time with Tor there is a strong connection between them which they both try to fight. As a reader it is difficult to see how the two can ever unite since they both have important roles on different sides of the world and even when dramatic events throw them together their secrets threaten to ruin everything. A real page turner in a wonderful setting.

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18 thoughts on “Dark Highland Skies by Lizzie Lamb #NewRelease #Romance

  1. Thank you so very much for this fabulous shout out and review of my latest novel Dark Highland Skies. I had so much fun writing it; it kept me going through the darkest days of lockdown and now here it is – new hero Tor (short for Hector) and a fabby heroine who (like me!) loves astronomy. I hope the combination of this blog post and your review might encourage a few readers to downlown and enjoy it.

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  2. What a great review!
    I agree with every word.
    I always start a new Lizzie Lamb release thinking that I couldn’t possibly like this one as much as her last.
    I’m always proved wrong!
    This is another gorgeous read from Lizzie!

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    1. Many thanks for popping over June. And leaving a comment. I appreciate your support and words of writerly wisdom. Hope to read a new one of yours very soon.

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