Finding Verity by Jenny Loudon #BookReview #FridayReads

An unhappy woman. An unfinished romance. A sense that time is running out…

Verity Westwood is a successful London businesswoman whose husband is handsome but selfish. When Edward Farrell, a nomadic American journalist from her past, returns unexpectedly, she is swept by the irresistible desire to fulfil her dreams of working as an artist, like her famous father before her. After being caught in a storm on the Cote d’Azur, she vows to change her life.

What she does not foresee is the struggle involved, the ultimate price she will pay, and the powerful force of enduring love that changes everything.

My Review

Finding Verity is the perfect title of this delightful novel because Verity Westwood is lost. The confident vibrant personality she was in her youth has disappeared and she no longer has the confidence to fight against the obstacles which prevent her fulfilling her long held dreams of living in the country and developing her artistic skills. Although running a very successful interior design company, her abilities are ignored by her selfish husband, Matt, who expects her to put their home and family first. They both love their two daughters, who are now starting independent lives, but only Verity still responds to their needs.

But Verity has a secret. Shortly before her marriage, she met Edward Farrell, an American journalist, at a party. They were instantly drawn to one another but she went home with Matt. However as Edward travelled in and out of London, they met up as friends, even after her marriage. The chemistry between them sizzled, but when Edward met Verity during her first pregnancy he terminated their relationship. Verity is now approaching 50, missing her daughters and anxious for a life change. Unexpectedly meeting Edward again is a shock to both of them, but they still have demons to face.

There is a detailed account of an horrific storm in the Cote d’Azur and later a description of the beauty and unpredictable weather on the Isle of Skye. As Verity picks up a paintbrush and tries to hone her skills, we are convinced of her ability, and her warmth draws friends to her side. A thought-provoking story of the possibilities still available to a mature woman despite the pressures of modern family life.

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Jenny Loudon is a British novelist whose work includes SNOW ANGELS, a moving and uplifting tale of recovery after loss, and the bestselling love story FINDING VERITY. She read English and American Literature at the University of Kent in Canterbury and holds a Masters in The Modern Movement. She lives with her family in the English countryside.

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