Shape of Revenge (A Shade Darker 2) by Georgia Rose #NewRelease #BookReview

His secret’s revealed… Her revenge is silent…

A woman wronged. Her husband a cheat. Can she get her revenge without him realising he’s being punished?

Sharon Beesley, owner of Sharon’s Stores, discovers by chance the secret life her husband Eric is living, and once she begins to take her revenge she finds she’s unable to stop.

Meanwhile, their schoolgirl daughter Daisy follows the tempting trail of breadcrumbs left by a much older man. But when they meet, all is not what it seems. And no one knows where she is.

With Daisy in trouble and her parents distracted by their own problems, everyone is surprised when help comes from an unlikely place. As does retribution…

Shape of Revenge is a gripping domestic thriller. If you like character-driven action, suspenseful storytelling and unexpected twists then you’ll love this exciting novel.

My Review

This second book in A Shade Darker series does stand alone successfully but it is much more rewarding if you have already read A Killer Strikes. There we encountered Sharon Beesley, the owner of the village shop. We hadn’t gained a good impression but now we have a chance to really understand her character. Determined to escape her council house background she had worked hard to establish a successful business. Now she ignores her past and expects her husband Eric and daughter Daisy to help her in the shop so that she can have an easier life. Daisy is instantly likeable; she has lost her best friend but is not close to her mother. She longs to grow up quickly and has a crush on an older man. Downtrodden Eric works hard in his office but is still expected to put Sharon’s demands first.

In addition, we are made aware of a “figure in the shadows” who is obsessed with a woman who does not notice him.

Sharon is bitterly unhappy. She hasn’t achieved the future she expected so she makes others suffer. The consequences are astonishing. Her self-centred attitude denies her the understanding we are given when the author shows us the feelings of Daisy and Eric. The plot is amazing but totally believable. I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading about a thoroughly unlikeable “heroine.”

Shape of Revenge on Amazon UK

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5 thoughts on “Shape of Revenge (A Shade Darker 2) by Georgia Rose #NewRelease #BookReview

  1. Thank you so much for this fabulous review, Liz. I’m so pleased you enjoyed all the delights Sharon has to bring! Thanks also for posting this on Shape of Revenge’s release date, that’s much appreciated.

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