A Murder in Mayfair: Miss Hart and Miss Hunter Investigate #4 by Celina Grace #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlog

It is 1936. Undercook Joan Hart and lady’s maid Verity Hunter are back in London after a long stay in the country. The capital is fraught and unsettled. Protests and riots are taking place regularly, fascism is on the rise and trouble in Europe is brewing, but the girls are still thrilled to be back in the Big Smoke, ready for some fun and frivolity.

That is, until an old friend of Verity’s contacts the servant sleuths, asking for help. Maidservant Theda Samuels was the only one in the house when tycoon Sir Jacob MacMullen was killed, and things are looking very black for her… unless Joan, Verity and their old ally Inspector Marks might be able to help?

My Review

This is my second interaction with Joan Hart and Verity Hunter although the fourth book in this lively series. Joan and Verity have talents surpassing their occupations as maids to young heiress Dorothy Drew. While Verity’s time is occupied with accompanying Dorothy around London society, trying to keep her out of trouble, Joan finds she has more time to solve a new murder mystery. Theda Samuels, who had worked with Verity in the past, seeks their help as she is afraid she will be the chief suspect for the murder of her employer Sir Jacob MacMullen. Learning that Detective Inspector Marks, an old friend, is in charge of the case Joan looks forward to meeting him again.

The plot is complicated when Dorothy becomes engaged to Paul, a handsome young man whose background is unknown. Is he genuinely in love with Dorothy or is he after her money?  When he is injured by fascists during a protest he is given sanctuary in Dorothy’s house so at least Joan and Verity can try to learn more about him.

The atmosphere of London society is very well created as is the everyday lives of the servant girls meeting their friends and theatrical contacts in London pubs. While Verity yearns to be an actress, Joan is excited that the play she has written may soon be produced on stage. Towards the end of the novel the excitement mounts but Joan is not afraid to take an active part in discovering the guilty. A very enjoyable read.

A Murder in Mayfair on Amazon UK

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