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Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

1605: Anne Catesby fears for her family. Her son, the darkly charismatic Robert, is secretly plotting to kill the King, placing his wife and child in grave danger. Anne must make a terrible choice: betray her only child, or risk her family’s future.

Present day: When her dreams of becoming a musician are shattered, Lucy takes refuge in her family’s ancestral home in Oxfordshire. Everyone knows it was originally home to Robert Catesby, the gunpowder plotter. As Lucy spends more time in the beautiful winter garden that Robert had made, she starts to have strange visions of a woman in Tudor dress, terrified and facing a heartbreaking dilemma.

As Lucy and Anne’s stories converge, a shared secret that has echoed through the centuries separating them, will change Lucy’s life forever…

My Review

Set in an attractive historic village in Oxfordshire, we join Lucy at her aunt’s beautiful house and garden. While coming to terms with the end of her musical career she is confused by glimpses of a young woman in Tudor costume and a feeling of unease. She decides to research the history of the Catesby family who originally owned the estate but some of the villagers are not to be trusted. After a bad start Lucy grows closer to Finn, who is restoring the landscape garden, as he tries to find evidence of an Elizabethan garden, and her recovery from illness is aided by her sister Cleo and by Geoffrey, Finn’s black Labrador.

In dual time we follow events in the late 16th century as the happy Catesby family are plunged into tragedy. The historical events are fascinating, as religious differences are accentuated by personal misfortune. Meanwhile, Lucy’s investigations are leading her into danger. The setting is beautifully described and the complex characters earn our affection. With hints of the novels of Barbara Erskine and Kate Morgan, I thoroughly recommend this compelling story.

Nicola Cornick is a historian and author who works as a researcher and guide for the National Trust in one of the most beautiful 17th century houses in England. She writes dual time novels that illustrate her love of history, mystery and the supernatural, and focus on women from the footnotes of history. Her books have appeared in over twenty five languages, sold over half a million copies worldwide and been described as “perfect for Outlander fans.” Nicola also gives writing and history talks, works as a consultant for TV and radio, and is a trustee of the Wantage Literary Festival and the Friends of Lydiard Park.

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