The Suffocating Night: The Lydmouth Crime Series Book 4 by Andrew Taylor #FridayReads #BookReview

The Korean war rumbles in the background throughout this novel as a reporter is found murdered at the Bathurst Arms, squatters are evicted from a military camp and there are new developments in the three-year-old hunt for a missing teenager. And in spite of all that’s going on, Jill Francis, a local journalist, and DI Richard Thornhill find they can no longer resist their feelings for each other.

My Review

This very atmospheric edition of the Lydmouth crime mysteries occurs while the Korean War builds up and Britain feels threatened by communists. DI Richard Thornhill has to investigate a murder at the Bathurst Arms so could do without his boss asking him to open up a cold case from 10 years earlier.

Journalist Jill Francis thought she had left her unfortunate past behind in London but when her ex-lover, Oliver, turns up, he wants Jill to help him deal with a blackmailer threatening both his marriage and his career. Lurking in the background is a very unpleasant man who is a danger to them all.

Jill may have expected Richard to think less of her once he knows the truth of her past, but it actually seems to bring them closer. A tense, seat of the pants story this time, which really gripped me.

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