The Lost Notebook by Louise Douglas #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease

A notebook full of secrets, two untimely deaths – something sinister is stirring in the perfect seaside town of Morranez…

It’s summer and holidaymakers are flocking to the idyllic Brittany coast. But when first an old traveller woman dies in suspicious circumstances, and then a campaign of hate seemingly drives another victim to take his own life, events take a very dark turn.

Mila Shepherd has come to France to look after her niece, Ani, following the accident in which both Ani’s parents were lost at sea. Mila has moved into their family holiday home, as well as taken her sister Sophie’s place in an agency which specialises in tracking down missing people, until new recruit Carter Jackson starts.

It’s clear that malevolent forces are at work in Morranez, but the local police are choosing to look the other way. Only Mila and Carter can uncover the truth about what’s really going on in this beautiful, but mysterious place before anyone else suffers. But someone is desperate to protect a terrible truth, at any cost…

My Review

This contemporary novel is set in an idyllic part of the coast of Brittany. Here Mila Shepherd grew up with her stepsister Sophie. Now she should be in Bristol editing her book and spending time with her boyfriend, Luke, but after the sudden deaths of Sophie and her husband almost a year ago, Mila has been taking care of their teenage daughter, Ani, living in their house near Morranez. Soon Ani will be starting at an international boarding school in Switzerland so Mila will be able to return to England. In the meantime, she hears her scatty sister, Sophie talking to her constantly and she worries about Ani’s future happiness.

Suddenly their lives are taken over by a new crisis. A kindly old lady, living in a decrepit van, dies suddenly, apparently of natural causes so Mila tries to trace her son. Meanwhile the inquiry agency she has been helping her stepmother to run, is in trouble because the photograph new employee, Carter Jackson, took of a respected archaeologist with a distressed young woman, has been copied and posted all over town.

As Mila grudgingly works with Carter to solve the mystery, a new tragedy suggests much darker forces are at work and both Mila and Ani may be endangered. This compelling read engages your curiosity but also deals with historical crimes and how changing circumstance can alter our priorities in life.

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