Death Comes to Call (Tara Thorpe Mystery 3) by Clare Chase #FridayReads

When a promising local artist disappears, the victim’s brother begs Detective Tara Thorpe to take the case. It seems there’s no evidence of foul play… he simply disappeared without a trace.

Tara agrees to do some digging… never mind that her unorthodox approach to policing has got a few of her colleagues’ backs up. Amongst them is her former supervisor Detective Patrick Wilkins… he’s had enough of Tara calling the shots and will do anything to knock her down. She must be careful.

At least she has an ally in their boss, Detective Garstin Blake. He’ll always back her hunches. If anything, they work together too well… at least, that’s the rumour around the station these days.

When a body of a young woman is found frozen near the fens, Tara’s evidence suddenly becomes key to solving a high-profile murder. Is their missing artist still a victim… or in fact a clever murderer with a deadly plan?

My Review

Shortly after the previous book in the series, “Death on the River,” DC Tara Thorpe and her colleagues are working without DS Wilkins, her bête noire, as he has been suspended. She enjoys working with Max Dimity, a sound detective even if he is not as confident as Tara, but newly promoted Megan Maloney is not on the same wavelength. Megan is suspicious of the relationship between Tara and their boss DI Garstin Blake, but they are no longer close since Tara had discovered that Blake’s wife was pregnant.

As usual, Tara follows hunches and this time she takes the disappearance of a local artist as a serious situation which needs investigation. She seems to have been proved right when the body of a young woman is found frozen on the Fens and one of the artist’s paintings shows her being strangled. The plot is complex, and suspicion falls on several members of their families. Each of the police team contributes to finding the solution which involves more than one crime.  There is little time for Tara’s personal life since there is so much action, but she is concerned that her divorced parents seem to be manipulating her.

The final part of the book shows new developments in her family life but an old enemy has returned to haunt her. Next book, here I come.

Death Comes to Call on Amazon UK

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