Nowhere to Run (DC Constance Fairchild 3) by James Oswald #BookReview

On compassionate leave following the death of her mother, Detective Constable Constance Fairchild thought renting a cottage near Aberystwyth, Wales would get her far enough from London to finally relax. But trouble always seems to find Con, and it’s not long before she is cooling off in a police station cell after defending herself from two would-be rapists.

In custody she meets a young Ukrainian woman, Lila, who confides in Con that she’s been forced by her manipulative boyfriend into prostitution and running drugs. Fearing for her life, she has run away from him, only to end up in the cells.

Con offers to help, but when her cottage is ransacked, and Lila subsequently disappears, she realises she’s stumbled into very dangerous company. International drug smugglers and ruthless people traffickers – those who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. Out here at the end of the line, will Con find that there’s nowhere left to run?

My Review

The quiet seaside cottage in Wales is a total contrast to Con’s inner city flat so she is not too upset that Lockdown has prolonged her stay but when two unpleasant characters attack her it looks as though trouble is still following her. Her fighting skills save her from rape, but she is surprised to find herself put into a police cell. There she meets Lila, a vulnerable Ukrainian girl on the run from forced prostitution, by her manipulative boyfriend. Things go from bad to worse when Lila disappears, and Con’s boss Superintendent Diane Shepherd arrives giving her information about a local investigation into a possible drug smuggling group.  She is not asked to join the team, but Diane knows that Con will be unable to resist following leads.

As in the earlier books, Con constantly walks into trouble but her determination to find a way out of every predicament means she never gives up and sometimes she seems to have help from intangible forces. Welsh folklore features, partly as an account of local legend but it also impinges on Con’s life. She has the support of family friends Lord and Lady Caernant and Karen, her London police colleague has her back.

I enjoyed the blend of courage, fast-moving action and humour from a complex character I have come to know well and the rural area near Aberystwyth was a great location for this modern tale with a mystical twist. Looking forward to the next adventure of Constance Fairchild.

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