Where There’s Doubt by Terry Tyler #NewRelease #PsychologicalDrama

‘I can be anything you want me to be. Even if you don’t know you want it. Especially if you don’t know you want it.’

Café owner Kate is mentally drained after a tough two years; all she wants from her online chess partner is entertainment on lonely evenings, and maybe a little virtual flirtation.

She is unaware that Nico Lewis is a highly intelligent con artist who, with an intricately spun web of lies about their emotional connection, will soon convince her that he is The One.

Neither does Kate know that his schemes involve women who seek love on dating sites, as well as his small publishing business. A host of excited authors believe Nico is about to make their dreams come true.

Terry Tyler’s twenty-fourth publication is a sinister psychological drama that highlights the dark side of internet dating—and the danger of ignoring the doubts of your subconscious.

My Review

This enthralling novel, told from multiple viewpoints, grips you from the first page. Kate is an engaging character whom you might meet in a romance novel. She is a strong, intelligent woman with a new business and a group of friends, living in a pleasant coastal town in Norfolk. But then we meet Nico; a handsome charmer with a publishing business appealing to those who have been unsuccessful in putting their first novels on the market. Having parted with several thousands they may find that Nico never follows through. Now, aided by his girlfriend, Em, Nico has a new scam, dating wealthy women to extract funds from them.

Next, we meet some of his victims; lonely widow, Heather, demanding would-be bride, Polly and Minerva, an attractive older woman who gives Nico the most pleasure. Under the pretence of meeting authors or going to book fairs, he juggles the four women while persuading them that he deserves financial reward. After a disastrous relationship with her former partner, Kate believes Nico may be, “the one,” but she is not stupid. Realising that he and his sister are about to lose their home, she considers becoming a co-owner and moving in with them, but first she consults her friends.

As a reader you feel a sense of dread, expecting the consequences, but there are twists in the plot which I did not expect. As the tale became more exciting, I found it difficult to put the book down. Terry Tyler shows great skill in her observation of people’s psyche and thus the behaviour of her characters is totally believable. From a writer whose books are always compulsive reading, this is one of her best.

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