The Missing Man:The Forensic Genealogist Series~6 by Nathan Dylan Goodwin #BookReview #FridayReads

It was to be the most important case of Morton Farrier’s career in forensic genealogy so far. A case that had eluded him for many years: finding his own father. Harley ‘Jack’ Jacklin disappeared just six days after a fatal fire at his Cape Cod home on Christmas Eve in 1976, leaving no trace behind. Now his son, Morton must travel to the East Coast of America to unravel the family’s dark secrets in order to discover what happened to him.

My Review

After reading earlier and later books in this series I really wanted to know more about Morton’s mysterious father. When Morton and his wife Juliette arrive in Boston, Massachusetts in 2016 they are on their honeymoon, but policewoman Juliette is quite happy for him to spend some time tracing his biological father. The story switches between the present day and 1976 when a family tragedy caused Jack Jacklin to disappear from Cape Cod. As the story progresses, we move further back in time to 1949 San Francisco, meeting Velda, a young woman who is heart broken that her former boyfriend Joseph Jacklin is about to marry another girl.

Morton had learnt previously that his birth was the result of a holiday romance with his English mother. The couple had lost touch and it is probable that Jack had no idea that he had a son in England. The investigation is not easy, as change of names and lies that were told, make research in the official records unsuccessful. It is a gripping story and I empathised with Morton’s desire to find his father, alive or dead. A complete story in its own right you could easily read this amazing tale without having ready of the earlier books in the series or having any interest in genealogy but it reminded me of why I look forward to a new book by Nathan Dylan Goodwin so much.

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