Stolen Sister by Linda Huber #TuesdayBookBlog

What happens when a baby goes missing?

Twenty-two years ago, Erin and Vicky’s parents were killed in an explosion.

Now grown up, Erin and Vicky – who have been separated – are unaware they are siblings. But when Vicky is called to her great-aunt’s deathbed, she learns that she isn’t alone after all.

But where is Erin? Vicky’s search begins…

Elsewhere, Christine has problems of her own. In the first week of her new job, she makes a disturbing discovery and is struggling to come to terms with impending motherhood.

Vicky is almost ready to give up her search when an old foster mother calls with shocking news.

What links Vicky and Christine?

Will Vicky ever find her sister?

And can Christine’s baby escape the past that befell her mother?

My Review

We are used to seeing stories on TV of adopted adults trying to trace their birth parents but in this story, Vicky knows about the tragic death of her parents and she is grateful for the care of her foster mother who initially also took in her brother, Jamie, who has special needs. Vicky has kept in touch with her great aunt Maisie since her childhood but only after 22 years, as she lays dying, does Maisie mention another sibling, baby Erin.

The fate of Erin is revealed to the reader and we move to the present. As in the other books by Linda Huber, we are totally involved with the experiences and emotions of the main characters. We share Maisie’s struggle to care for two demanding children and we are impressed by Vicky’s loyalty to her disabled brother. Erin’s situation is more precarious. At a crisis in her personal life, she suddenly discovers that she can no longer trust in the woman she thought was her mother.

The story moves towards a thrilling conclusion when another baby becomes endangered and both young women show their strength of character. A challenging story with surprising consequences.

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My review of The Runaway by Linda Huber

My home is in Arbon, on the banks of beautiful Lake Constance in the top right hand corner of Switzerland, with Austria and Germany just on the doorstep.

I was born in Glasgow and lived there until I was 22, when I left to work as a physiotherapist in Switzerland for a year. That year has stretched – I’m still here, but nowadays I teach English. My last job was based in a castle dating from 1250. Just walking through the courtyard to the front door is an incredible experience when you consider all the people who have done exactly that over the centuries.

The first piece I remember writing was for my Writer’s badge in the Brownies. That was when I discovered how fascinating putting words together is and how powerful words can be. Over the years I’ve had fifty-odd short stories and articles printed in women’s magazines, and then in September 2013 my debut novel The Paradise Trees was published. The Cold Cold Sea, The Attic RoomChosen Child, Ward Zero, Baby Dear, Death Wish, Stolen Sister and The Runaway followed on.

My newest project is a series of feel-good novellas set here on my doorstep in N. E. Switzerland and published in ebook by Fabrian Books.

Right now I feel very privileged; it was always a far-off dream to hold my book in my hands, and now the dream has become reality.

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