Killing Rock (The Sullivan and Broderick Murder Mysteries Book 3) by Robert Daws #BookReview

A wealthy household massacred in Spain.

Unidentified mummified remains found at the foot of The Rock.

A US Congressman’s run for President hangs on events in Gibraltar. What’s the connection?

Detectives Tamara Sullivan and Gus Broderick face the most dangerous and elusive murder investigation of their lives, and for Broderick, it’s about to become all too personal, with his career in real peril as his past comes back to haunt him.

Will Sullivan and Broderick’s partnership survive this latest case, as killers stalk the narrow streets of Gibraltar?

My Review

DS Tamara Sullivan is on leave from her post with the Royal Gibraltar Police force, so she is spending time house-sitting at a villa in Spain. She is pleased to make friends with Consuela Danaher, a successful young Detective Inspector, but soon they both find themselves entangled in a complex murder investigation. Sullivan is surprised to be summoned back to Gibraltar to work on a death from the past. Human remains have been found under a building site and there is a link to the past life of her boss, DCI Gus Broderick.

Meanwhile Consuela has to deal with the horrifying murder of 3 people in the swimming pool of a luxury villa. The two women share their knowledge and when Sullivan is put in danger following a suspect in Spain, a tenuous connection is made between the two cases.

This is the third Rock adventure I have read, and each has proved to be even more thrilling than the last. I especially enjoyed the travels around parts of Spain near to Gibraltar, but it was also fascinating to see the plot unravel in the confined streets of the Rock. I can highly recommend Killing Rock both as a standalone or to those who have read the previous novels in the series.

Killing Rock on Amazon UK

My review of The Rock by Robert Daws

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