No Time To Cry: Constance Fairchild Series 1 by James Oswald #BookReview

There’s no place to hide, and no time to cry.

My Review

Having enjoyed several of James Oswald’s DI Mclean books I knew he was an excellent writer, so I thought it was time to meet Detective Constable Constance Fairchild who is based in London.  Written in the first person, present tense, we are plunged straight into her experience of discovering the body of her murdered boss, Pete Copperthwaite. Instead of sympathy from her colleagues she experiences aggressive accusations that it is her responsibility that his undercover operation had been exposed. Knowing that she has been set up, Con has no time to grieve before her life is threatened. She has rejected her wealthy parentage but an unexpected contact with Charlotte, an old boarding school “friend,” gives her a mission to find Charlotte’ 16-year-old sister, Izzy, who has disappeared.

Con is a brave, pro-active heroine you can’t help liking. Reluctantly adopting a stray cat, she finds injured in her flat she takes it with her even when she is escaping potential assassins. When time allows in dark moments, she sees her dead colleague Pete sitting in the room and talking to him she is able to work out her next move. She knows he is created by her mind but she is happy with the manifestation.

The plot involves police corruption and child abuse and it seems impossible for Con to clear her name or even stay alive, but with the help of the feisty Izzy and the co-operation of Pete’s ex-wife, a private detective, she brings all her enemies together in a terrifying denouement. It is an action-packed page turner which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

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