A Change of Heart by Adrienne Vaughan Escape to Ireland… and fall in love all over again! #BookReview

Escaping to a remote Irish isle, journalist Marianne Coltrane had not bargained for a tumultuous affair with movie star Ryan O’Gorman. When Ryan leaves to pursue his career, Marianne remains to care for those who need her most, but Ryan soon realises he cannot live without her and returns to woo her back .Tricky enough without his problematic ex-wife or the contract he cannot break, but when a good deed puts all they treasure in jeopardy, it’s time to take stock and fight for what matters most … or is time running out for this charismatic couple and everything they hold most dear? Following the acclaimed debut The Hollow Heart, A Change of Heart is another exciting read. Laced with glamour and intrigue, this beguiling tale is filled with characters you’ll love and laugh with all over again. Book II in the Heartfelt series.

My Review

There is something about a Celtic island that captures the heart. Not just the scenery but also the people, warm but also unrestrained. And heroine, Marianne, fits this definition perfectly. She had come to the island of Innishmahon for peace but a turbulent love affair with actor Ryan O’Gorman has left her alone and heartbroken. And yet she has made a home, has found her long lost mother and is planning a holiday home for young carers.

So when Ryan returns, with his baby son, expecting to pick up their relationship as it was, she is not exactly welcoming. As a reader I was soon involved in the day to day life at the local Inn, meeting old friends from The Hollow Heart once more and making new acquaintances including Ryan’s handsome friend Dermot who brings the promise of trouble to the community.

This is a thrilling tale of crime and violence against a backdrop of true romance, deep friendship and gentle humour. Life is never boring when Marianne and Ryan are together, so this really is a page turner. And there is still a third story in this series to read!

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My review of The Hollow Heart

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19 thoughts on “A Change of Heart by Adrienne Vaughan Escape to Ireland… and fall in love all over again! #BookReview

  1. Dear Lizanne, well you’ve certainly made this author’s week! No, make that month!

    Such a joy to read your gorgeous review of A Change of Heart. It’s definitely one of my favourites, although while writing it I could hardly keep up with all the twists and turns my characters kept dropping into the storyline. Honestly! And that Dermot was just bound to be trouble. 🙂

    Thanks again, you’re support is much appreciated, as always. X

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  2. Fab review! Reminded me of a novel I too thoroughly enjoyed. I love Adrienne’s writing, her characters, vivid settings, and this whole series was pure entertainment from start to finish Xx

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  3. A bit late to the party but never too late to remind oneself who much you’ve enjoyed a great novel. Loved Ireland, the characters and the passion behind the writing.

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