Cold Case In Nuala by Harriet Steel #BookReview

It’s January 1940 and the day of Nuala’s famous motor rally. Excitement is at full throttle, but matters take a dark turn when that same evening, human remains are found buried in a lonely corner of a local tea plantation.

Inspector de Silva has a cold case to solve. Add a playboy racing driver, a missing Bugatti and a family scandal hushed up years ago into the mix and he has plenty to think about. You can be sure that whatever happened in the past, now de Silva’s in the driving seat, you’re in for a gripping ride.

My Review

Inspector de Silva has a particularly complex case to solve. Without modern forensic science, identifying buried human bones is difficult. Do they belong to a missing tea planter believed to have run off with another woman eight years earlier and if so, how can the murderer be caught after all this time? Juggling the pompous concerns of his English superior, Arthur Clutterbuck, with the dangers of undercover night-time investigations, Shanti is not content until he has explored every possible avenue.

Alongside this intriguing tale are vivid descriptions of the lush countryside of Ceylon, the exotic animals and the delicious food he savours. Shanti’s relationship with his adored cat, Bella, and his companionship with his delightful wife, Jane, add pleasure to reading this episode of a reliable cosy mystery. The calm continuation of colonial life runs alongside tension between some of the British and the local people and a growing awareness that soon they will become involved in the warfare in Europe.

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