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Glasgow, 1965. Jack Mackay dares not imagine a life of predictability and routine. The headstrong seventeen-year-old has one thing on his mind – London – and successfully convinces his four friends, and fellow band mates, to join him in abandoning their homes to pursue a goal of musical stardom.


Glasgow, 2015. Jack Mackay dares not look back on a life of failure and mediocrity. The heavy-hearted sixty-seven-year old is still haunted by the cruel fate that befell him and his friends some fifty years before, and how he did and did not act when it mattered most – a memory he has run from all his adult life.

London, 2015. A man lies dead in a bedsit. His killer looks on, remorseless. What started with five teenagers five decades before will now be finished.

My Review

It is 2015 and Jack sets out for London on a road journey paralleling the one he made when he left Glasgow in 1965 with the members of his teenage rock group. During both journeys mistakes are made and the travellers get into trouble. But this time Jack takes his bright but lethargic grandson as driver. Will he ruin his life or seize new opportunities?

They may have exciting adventures but the stories in each era are mainly depressing. Despite being of a similar age to Jack I did not enjoy his portrayal of either era. Something does not ring true in the sordid tale although it would work more successfully as a drama on film. Unexpectedly there is a cheering, satisfactory conclusion but this was not the book I expected from the amazing writer of the Lewis Trilogy.

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